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Who's Checking Me Out

Who's Checking Me Out is a community style MySpace tracker that I devolped for TurnCommerce. A community style MySpace Tracker uses cookies placed on a clients computer via an imbeded image on their profile page. This cookie is then read and compared against the database of uses to see if there is a match. Up until the summer there were real MySpace Trackers that could track anyone and everyone. Not only did they go against MySpace terms and conditions, but they used certain HTML tags to break the MySpace layouts inorder to embed flash and or JavaScript to read the cookies and then sent the information back to the servers. Opting not to go this route which was later blocked by MySpace, we developed this site like I did, in a community style fashion.

As a community style MySpace tracker this site works great, It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles that could be added in like maps and geocoding. These things were planned to be added, but when the site wasn't as profitable or viral as thought it could be, most development stopped. Even today it is good to add another 20 to 30 users a day.

This is an example of the profile badge that I developed as one of many options to choose from for your page. Images are made with Alagad Image Component and rendered in real time.

MySpace Tracker - Who's Checking Me Out - Sean Sidelko

Below are a few more screen shots from the site.